While we would love to just rent the campers to our guests, we do have some stipulations and further details to address first.

RENTAL AGREEMENT- At the beginning of each rental, we require our guests to sign the rental agreement and pertinent waivers for some of our extras. We will perform a walk-through (or if you are going to be late, you can waive the walk-through) and show that everything is in working condition and relatively safe (operator error and just plain human behavior can be detrimental to your health and pride) at the time your rental begins and that you, as the renter, assume responsibility for the care and use of the unit and all that is included with it. 

 DEPOSIT- We hold a $500 security deposit from the time of the rental until within 72 hours after the termination. Any damages will be taken out of this and receipts will be provided. Festivals and sporting events require a deposit of $750. Reservations will not be secured until the security deposit is paid. 

PAYMENT- Payment is due in full the day of the rental. We accept check, credit card, Venmo, Paypal, or good ol' cash. Credit card payments may be made through the website at the time of reservation. 

INSURANCE- All of our campers are covered under our own commercial insurance, so there is an additional daily charge that is non-negotiable. It protects all of us from a variety of factors whether you get hurt being human, you break something from misuse and abuse, or mother nature decides she's going to whip a chair at the unit- Everyone is covered. 

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE- We do charge a cleaning and preparatory fee that is also non-negotiable. This fee includes all sanitizing of surfaces, linens, and bedding after each rental is returned. We also restock all paper products, disposable goods, and service items for the next group. NOTE:While we realize that there will be dirt, pine needles, finger prints, ketchup, etc., we do not expect the camper to come back ransacked or with a lot of "oops" issues.There will be an additional charge of $50 an hour for anything above and beyond typical wear and tear. Also, with the exception of the smoke from a natural fire, THERE IS NO SMOKING OF CIGARETTES, CIGARS, OR WEED IN,OR AROUND, ANY OF THE UNITS!! THERE WILL BE A MANDATORY $600 FEE FOR ANY HINT OF THIS!!! Our rentals can be back to back, with minimal turnaround time. That smell is tremendously difficult to get rid of and the process of eliminating those odors could delay our next family and quite honestly, is just irritating.

CANCELLATION POLICY- Even though we do not require full payment until the day of the rental, we will charge a portion of the fee in its entirety if cancellations are not made reasonably. A full refund of the deposit will be issued if done within 48 hours of the beginning of the rental window. Anything less will result in our billing, or withholding, 50% of the entire invoice. We do understand there are extenuating circumstances that are unavoidable. We will be more than happy to work with our guests to make adjustments if necessary. 

WAIVERS- We do require waivers to be signed stating that you assume all risk if you use any of our extra equipment like the kayaks, scooters, or hammocks. 

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO BACK OUT OF A RESERVATION OR REFUSE ONE. Most of our refusals or personal cancellations are weather contingent, or that the landscape is not camper friendly. We do our research to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved, and sometimes the risks outweigh the benefit. For example: parking the camper in a field after it has been raining for several days, flash snow storms, torrential downpours, high winds, boondocking in the woods off of a seasonal road. We may have emergency maintenance issues to tend to. There are times when some of our renters get a bit wild, demanding, or want the campers delivered somewhere we aren't comfortable going. From prior experience, and shedding a lot of tears, we cannot allow any of this and appreciate your understanding in advance.

FESTIVALS AND EVENTS- We will always accommodate when and where we can, but that's definitely a case by case basis due to weather and other mitigating factors. WE DO NOT ALLOW WEED FESTIVALS OR RAP CONCERTS!!! We have nothing against weed or weed smokers, or rap lovers, but we have had a few negative experiences with our renters for these venues and decided it wasn't worth it to even try again. On that same token, WE WILL ALSO NOT DELIVER TO THE HERON FESTIVAL IN SHERMAN, NY!!! We love the Heron, but the Heron doesn't love travel trailers. If you have ever been, you understand the terrain and the weather, and why it isn't a good idea.