In addition to our stocked campers, we also have a variety of additions for you to include with your rental

We have kayaks, fishing gear, and other recreational items. Less adventurous offerings such as free standing hammocks, board games and corn hole are also available for when you want to stay close to camp. There are also other items like extra tables, grills, generators, and water jugs that you could include to make your camping experience more comfortable.

Some items require a small usage fee. Those are available via the reservation page. Other items are available upon request at no charge. Just leave a note with your requests in the special requirements section through the reservation page as well.
We have a camper available to suit most everyone's needs

Featured camper

Tom and Ericka - Still married after all of the camper parking


When we were a bit younger and had time, we used to take advantage of little getaways with the kids in our camper. As we got older, the kids grew up, we had less time, less motivation, and a lot less patience. Our little Rockwood (the "OG") was literally a yard ornament. Tom had the idea to start renting her to families, so at least she was getting out there to providing an avenue for them to have their own adventures and create lasting memories.
While we kicked around this idea, we thought about all of the negatives pertaining to the camping experience as a whole, and why we didn't even attempt to take trips anymore. So, we got to brainstorming. We agreed that rather than have anyone else risk their sanity, or safety, we would eliminate as much of the stress that packing, coordinating, traveling, and set-up causes so folks could just enjoy their time together, as it is so precious and limited. Even though our camper was 10+ years old at that time, she was as comfortable as a favorite sweater and still had a lot to offer. After all, it was definitely better than sleeping in tents!
We now have three campers. We aim to provide just about everything (new or seasoned) campers could need based on what we have learned along the way. We do believe we have done a decent job of this, and our renters would definitely agree.

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